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AGR Autogas Group

tel/fax: +4 021 4500963

tel: +4 0788 417 090



AGR Autogas Group SRL was established in 1999 having as a main activity LPG auto conversion systems - import, homologation, training and installing through a national conversion workshop network. The company Is situated on 6200 sq.m. own land in the central part of the Romanian capital Bucharest and has an Engineering and a Training Center, the latter with a specialized workshop. Autogaz Romania SRL has licenses from the Romanian Ministry of Transport for all the conversion systems including Sequential injection systems for Euro 4 engines. Our team of skilled specialists has a rich experience in homologating new products, training and supporting installers when introducing these new products on the market. We keep a leading position in the region considering the product quality, high level technical assistance, selling volume and investments.




The LPG equipment production, assembling and logistic centre of AGR Autogas Group is situated in BASE MIZIA, Polski Trambesh, Bulgaria


Base Mizia as a suitable place for in- and outdoors storage accommodations, production, logistic etc., along with the attendant services... read more





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